Looking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa

Looking for a Nursery in Leamington

Despite the fact that baby is still not born yet (4 weeks to go!), we thought we’d best start thinking about child care for when Hannah returns to work next summer. We’d heard that places get booked up well in advance, and that it’s worth registering for a place early.

Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat Product Review

Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat

As we get ready for our new arrival, there are lots of new things popping up around the house. So, I thought I’d try my hand at an unboxing video. This is for our new car seat – the Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat.

NSBRC Summer Show

Back in the spring we visited the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon for a Graven Hill presentation, and bumped into Harvey Fremlin, the MD of the NSBRC. He asked if we’d be willing to act as a case study at their summer show, which sounded like fun. Then we realised we’d have

Built It Live in Bicester

Build It Live Show in Bicester

We keep thinking that plots at Graven Hill will become available ‘soon’. It’s driving us slightly crazy, but on a soggy Sunday in June, we went to an old airfield in Bicester to see how soon.

Making the House Baby Ready Part 2

Rearranging the House for Baby (Part 2)

With a fair chunk of our ‘non-essential’ items in storage (thanks Mum and Dad), we can now properly convert our home from Dean & Hannah mode to Dean, Hannah &┬áBaby mode.

Bourton on the Water

A Morning in Bourton on the Water

On the way home from Stow on the Wold, we stopped in Bourton on the Water. I guess everywhere needs to be ‘on’ something around here. Another amazing place, that we knew nothing about before. Probably helped by the amazing weather, but it was such a fantastic morning – chips for lunch was the icing

Short Break at The Old Stocks Inn, Stow on the Wold

With relaxing holidays potentially a thing of the past once the little one arrives, we thought we’d take the chance to enjoy a night away. Just so happens to be our wedding anniversary on 7th June, so that was all the excuse we needed! We booked into the Old Stocks Inn, Stow on the Wold.

Antenatal Class with the NCT

Antenatal Class with The NCT

With our first ever baby due on the 18th July, it’s time to learn what about it’s all. We signed up for an NCT course in Banbury, which is split into 2 Saturdays. They are full days running from 9:00 to 17:30, so pretty full on. Unlike the NHS classes, the NCT ones aren’t free,

Making the House Baby Ready

Rearranging the House for Baby

To make room in our tiny house for our new arrival and some new furniture, we’ve made the tough decision to get rid of all non-essential items, mainly the excessive hifi kit that apparently isn’t essential to a new-born baby. Who knew?

We're Off to Sunny IKEA Cover

We’re Off to Sunny IKEA

Seeing as we needed a few things from IKEA to make the house baby-ready, we thought we’d take the camera with us. What could be more exciting than a routine trip around a furniture shop? Obviously the highlight of the day was the meatballs and the weird gravy. For advice when it comes to navigating