Looking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa (Part 2)

After looking at The Lighthouse Nursery last week, we were back in Leamington Spa to take a look at a couple of other nurseries. First up was Emscote House. It’s pretty close to The Lighthouse, so still nice and convenient for Hannah’s commute for dropping off and picking up.

Seeing as Hannah is now on holiday prior to maternity leave, we had plenty of time, so had a bit of lunch in the lovely town centre. Hannah chose Bill’s, who serve up classic British food in a pretty hipster looking place. It was nice.

After a bit of mooching around (as Hannah calls it), we headed over to The Blue Strawberry. No idea why it’s called that, but hey, it’s their gig. This one is a bit further into the town centre, so a bit more of a trek for Hannah, which isn’t ideal.

Both were jolly nice, and everyone seemed happy. These two are slightly cheaper than The Lighthouse, but there’s not a huge amount in it.

Just need to crunch those numbers and make a choice. Get our names on the list, and hope for the best…


Emscote House
The Blue Strawberry
Bills Diner

DeanLooking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa (Part 2)

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