Hugo’s First Day Out

It’s tempting with a newborn to just stay at home – it’s much easier that way. But it also has the danger of driving you absolutely nuts, so probably good to get out and meet other humans.

For Hugo’s first trip, we visited Nanny and Pop in Kettering. It’s about an hour’s drive for us, so not too taxing. We had the changing bag and mil supplies ready to go, so it would be a good test.

We also caught up with our friends Kirsty and Shaun who have Evelyn, born just 2 weeks before Hugo! In an amazing coincidence of timing, our other friends, Leslie and Matt gave birth to Owen 2 days after Hugo – they live in Rhode Island, so sadly we couldn’t see them in person, but thanks to Skype we were able to see them digitally. What a world we live in…

Watch the video on YouTube, or just click play at the top of this post…

adminHugo’s First Day Out

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