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Hugo's First Day Out

Hugo’s First Day Out

It’s tempting with a newborn to just stay at home – it’s much easier that way. But it also has the danger of driving you absolutely nuts, so probably good to get out and meet other humans.

Stuff Hugo Does

Stuff Hugo Does

With little Hugo growing up fast, I want to make sure we capture the little things he does. Nothing special, just the hiccups, snoozing, smiling stuff that happens all the time, but are probably the things we’ll miss the most when he’s running around screaming the house down 🙂

Baby Has a Name

Baby Has a Name…

Although we knew we were having a boy from about week 16, We didn’t really think too hard about a name, and once he was born we didn’t have a name ready! So for the first week he was simply ‘baby’ or ‘the little one’.

Our Baby Has Arrived

Our Baby Has Arrived!

Apparently only around 4% of babies arrive on their actual due date… Well, looks like we have one of those 4%! Our little boy finally arrived (11pm, 18th July 2016) after a long day of labour, but we’re delighted to report that mum and baby are both doing well!

Test Drive to the Birthing Centre at Chipping Norton

Test Drive to the Birthing Centre at Chipping Norton

We’re a week away from due date, and everything in the house is ready so we thought it would put our nerves at rest if we had a test run to the Cotswold Birth Centre in Chipping Norton. At least this would give us the chance to test our plan and reassure ourselves that we

Getting Ready for Arrival of Baby Part 1

Getting Ready for Arrival of Baby

With just a week to go until the birth due date, we think everything is baby ready at home. We have the bags packed, checklists checked and drawers bulging with baby stuff…

Wednesday Afternoon Cinema

Wednesday Afternoon Cinema

With Hannah on pre-maternity leave holiday, we’re starting to go a bit crazy being in the house, so thought we’d treat ourselves to a random mid-week trip to the cinema. Plenty of decent looking films at the moment, but Hannah being an action fan, we went for Independence Day.

Looking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa (Part 2)

Looking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa (Part 2)

After looking at The Lighthouse Nursery last week, we were back in Leamington Spa to take a look at a couple of other nurseries. First up was Emscote House. It’s pretty close to The Lighthouse, so still nice and convenient for Hannah’s commute for dropping off and picking up.

Looking for a Nursery in Leamington Spa

Looking for a Nursery in Leamington

Despite the fact that baby is still not born yet (4 weeks to go!), we thought we’d best start thinking about child care for when Hannah returns to work next summer. We’d heard that places get booked up well in advance, and that it’s worth registering for a place early.

Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat Product Review

Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat

As we get ready for our new arrival, there are lots of new things popping up around the house. So, I thought I’d try my hand at an unboxing video. This is for our new car seat – the Joie Stages Group 0+/1/2 Car Seat.